Adding insult to injury

I just love that saying– ‘adding insult to injury’–  it feels like that is my life right now.  Things are bad enough without any additional hassles or pains or salt in my wounds.

The latest one is thanks to my insurance company, Anthem BC/BS.  They are denying claims for some of my ultrasounds saying that they are ‘investigational’.  My RPL specialist was using 3D ultrasound to look at the early gestational sacs at 6weeks and now we are stuck with no baby AND a big bill for this.  It’s frustrating enough that our BC/BS out of California won’t pay for this, but then it gets more annoying to find out that the BC/BS in my state DOES pay for it!  So one state covers it no problem and another claims it’s ‘investigational’.  Um, yeah, makes total sense to me.  The kicker-  the OB that Anthem supposedly contacted to review my case is a 75 year old OB.  I wonder how many recurrent pregnancy loss patients he’s treated!  Seriously, you see a specialist because they know more about your condition than a regular physician and then a regular physician says the procedure isn’t warranted.  Sigh.

And then I get the hospital bills, emergency room bills, anesthesia bills, etc in the mail from that horrible day that my baby died.  It costs just as much to deliver a dead baby as it does to deliver a live one.  I know people need to get paid, but it’s just hard to swallow.

I’m ready for the good stuff to start happening, no more insults over here please.


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