With my head stuck in the sand

I’m coming up on the 8 week mark and the time that has passed really hit me today….when I looked at my dog.

I have a great little dog who was my ‘baby’ for over 1.5 years until I had Sweetie.  He’s a snuggler and I adore him.  But he is high maintenance on the grooming side, and I have religiously taken him into the groomer every month since he was a puppy.

Well, the last trip to the groomer was mid-April, when I told our regular grooming ladies that I was expecting my second baby (they know nothing of the other 5, but I don’t work that into the conversation often).  They have seen Sweetie grow up when I brought her in as we dropped my dog off each month.  They were so happy for me as people tend to be when they hear news of a new baby-to-be.

Well, with my loss in May, my dog obviously didn’t make it in to see the groomer that week.  And then I canceled his June appointment, too.  I just couldn’t bear going in there and having them happily ask me about the baby when I knew I would lose it.  I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, and now I feel horrible.

My poor little guy is so overgrown and matted that he is probably going to need to be shaved.  I’m an awful dog-mama, I was so stuck on my own grief and fear of telling others my sad news in public that I unintentionally neglected him.  I know, he’ll forgive me.  But this is a wake-up call that I can’t totally stick my head in the sand as much as I may want to.


2 thoughts on “With my head stuck in the sand

  1. When I was pregnant the very first time, long before I had reason to suspect things wouldn’t go smoothly, Mo hired a cleaning service to help out. Our lady asked if I was expecting after seeing some books and emptying my bathroom trash. She also told me that she was also expecting, just a week or so ahead of me. I lost that baby, and Mo forgot to cancel our next service. She arrived and attempted to ask how I was feeling, and I told her I had miscarried. That night, I made Mo cancel all future cleanings. There was no way I could watch her develop a baby belly while I drowned in my own misery! It’s hard “untelling”, and yet I can never seem to keep it to myself, no matter how hard I try.

    Thinking of you, today and always. Hugs.

  2. The “Untelling”- thats a good way to put it! With most friends and family I just sent out texts and did a Facebook message, it’s painful but a quick way to get it out there. I followed the wait-till-the-second-trimester ‘rule’ for everyone this time (as I have both pregnancies that made it this far), but it’s surprising how many random people end up hearing about it. Like I went to my dentist at 14 weeks pregnant, I think it’ll just be easier to switch dentists at this point in time! :-/ /MMB

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