Yet another announcement

I told myself that I wasn’t going to write another blog post until I had something positive to say.  I try to read lots of other blogs now and I’m always loving on their wit and upbeat nature and whatnot.  Why can’t I be like that?  I’m just a downer and if I wait to be positive, I don’t think I’ll ever write again.

I got another email this afternoon-  the third in 2 weeks (but who’s counting) that yep, another friend is pregnant.  This one has three kids and was the person who made the worst comment about surrogates being crazy because she worked with a crazy one and she would never use a surrogate.  Then she proceeds to say that this was a ‘surprise/unplanned‘ but very wanted ‘little miracle’ .

First off, why the fuck do fertile people feel like it makes it better to hear that their pregnancy wasn’t planned?  Do they think that as an unfertile, recurrent baby-killer, I will take the news easier because they didn’t PLAN to have a baby?  No- actually it just adds a few extra layers of mindfuck to me.  I PLAN and spend THOUSANDS of dollars on IVF AND take endless injections in my stomach and ass AND STILL the only ‘surprise’ I get at the end of the day is a DEAD baby.  So tell me again how you PLANNING or not PLANNING and still getting a healthy baby should make me feel better?

Second off, she proceeds to tell me that she wasn’t using birth control but they thought they were being careful.  I DON’T CARE HOW YOU GOT PREGNANT.  Maybe I’m not being fair, but I don’t get how two 30 year old married adults can feel like they have a ‘SURPRISE’ pregnancy when they aren’t using any FUCKING form of birth control?  REALLY?  They have 3 other kids, they know how babies are made (at least for people who can have sex and get a baby at the end and don’t require doctors up in their business to get knocked up).  I will grant her that this may not have been planned, but if you aren’t using any form of birth control, PLEASE don’t pretend to be ‘SURPRISED’ when you get pregnant.

Then we hear how she had already given away all of her baby things so this was ‘uncharted’ territory for her to start over.  UM, please, you send me an email trying to give me advance notice and pretending you are being sympathetic to the fact that I’ve lost 6 babies (and my fertility with the last baby) and then you put in that the worst thing that you are dealing with is needing more baby clothes?  Cry me a river that you gave away all your baby things.  Let’s talk about trying to START OVER after your BABY dies-  that seems a little more uncharted and challenging than having to go to a few garage sales.  Am I supposed to be the better person and offer her all of mine since I obviously don’t need them anymore?  Here-  Sweetie’s little sister DIED, so why don’t you take all her old clothes?

I’m just done.  I am too angry and bitter and nasty and I hate this world.  My Sweetie deserves better.  I can’t handle these cards I have been dealt anymore.


6 thoughts on “Yet another announcement

  1. Oh MMB, I am so sorry you had to see that announcement today. I am with you, people need to STOP with the “It was a surprise, hee hee” shit. Nope, according to 9th grade biology, having unprotected sex and getting pregnant is not a surprise. Learning you are infertile, losing a precious pregnancy or multiple pregnancies–those are nasty surprises that no one expects. But fertiles getting themselves knocked up need to stop acting so damned “surprised.” Considering this woman is the same person who made the incredibly rude comment about surrogacy, I would seriously rip her a new one about her insensitivity. She needs a fucking wake up call. I’m sorry, I am just feeling so angry on your behalf that she would treat you like this. Oh, and you don’t have to apologize for negative posts–our blogs are here for us to vent. Thinking of you and sending you hugs.

  2. Ugh. You need new friends. Not only does Sweetie deserve better — but so do you. I’d be “forgetting” her number/email, and blocking/hiding her on FB stat. Your mental health is more important than maintaining a toxic relationship.

    Sending love and hugs!

  3. Wow, the nerve of some people! I’m so sorry she shoved all that in your face. Please tell me you will kick her in the vag if she asks you for any baby clothes or (gods forbid) invites you to a baby shower (I truly hope she wasn’t setting the stage for that, but it seems like a possibility). ((hugs))

    • Thanks- I pretty much have my standard, ‘Oh, bummer, I’m out of town’ response for any baby shower. And if I’m not scheduled to be out of town, I find a way to be out of town! If she asks for any of my old baby things, I will definitely kick her in the vag… 😉 /MMB

  4. I get that people who haven’t been there don’t fully understand… but does that mean that they have to be so emotionally inept? Is it so difficult for them to show just a tiny bit of sensitivity? I’m so sorry your ‘friend’ treated you this way.

    And I agree. There are no ‘accidental’ pregnancies. If you aren’t using birth control, you’re trying. End of story.

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