Surrogacy update- it’s a match

We decided to move forward with the surrogate candidate we spoke with.

I’m still not feeling 100% good about her and this decision.  Our agency continues to be a bunch of jerks and basically said that they wouldn’t be able to find us any match if we can’t clearly tell them what’s wrong with her (obviously they don’t care about us or our gut instincts).  So we are moving forward.  And I’m counting the days that we can be done with this f***ing agency.  I really wish I could prevent others from working with this agency.  It’s awful enough to have to go through this journey after 6 losses and the loss of my fertility- I don’t need people I am paying to HELP me to be treating me like shit.

I do think our carrier is nice and hopefully together we can have as good of a journey as possible.  On to contracts and hopefully a quick transfer.  (not that anything moves quickly in surrogacy!)


6 thoughts on “Surrogacy update- it’s a match

  1. Hopefully now that this decision has been made and as you get to know this woman you will start to feel more of a bond with her. And hopefully that will allow you to feel more at ease throughout the process. I’ll be thinking of you and awaiting your updates xx

  2. I’m not sure you would ever feel 100% comfortable with the idea of someone else carrying your baby. I can’t imagine that I would. So I think biting the bullet and choosing anyone is a big hurdle- congrats on getting over the first one! Very, very exciting!

  3. I’m glad you were able to find a match! And like the commenters above said, maybe in time you will come to feel more comfortable with her. I’m sorry that agency has been so horrible. Thank goodness you are one step closer to being finished with having to deal with them.

    • Thanks Annie- I really am counting the days. Yet another reason to hope that our first transfer takes- then my only necessary involvement with the agency is them paying the bills. If it doesn’t take and we need to move on to a different surrogate, I’m pretty sure we are done with them (even if it costs us more money). /MMB

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