And just like that- it’s over yet again.

Well, I don’t have to worry about trying to feel better about our selected surrogate anymore.  Guess my gut was kinda right on this one.

We sent our surrogate to be screened at the IVF clinic this week to determine if she’s fit to be a surrogate and she is PREGNANT already.

There are no words to describe how I’m feeling right now.  Like I really needed this gigantic slap in the face from the universe.

Back to the drawing board.


13 thoughts on “And just like that- it’s over yet again.

  1. Oh my god, you’re kidding!? That’s so awful, I assume she didn’t know? You must be so angry and frustrated, I’m so sorry :(. Even if she wasn’t the right match for you it’s still so wrong to have put you in that situation.

  2. What. The. Hell. How did the agency not screen for that?? This is just unbelievable. I am so sorry 😦 Your gut feeling really was right! The universe needs to send some good news your way, stat.

    • Yeah. The agency is actually being decent given the news but the coordinator did say ‘this happens when you are dealing with a fertile population. At least it didn’t happen while you were cycling.’ I can see her point, but really, was this the time to state this? I guess we just know things to make sure of next time- like sending her a pee stick before she goes for clinic screening. Actually, I told the Agency now that we want a surrogate who is either still on an IUD (not ‘just’ had it removed) or someone who has had her tubes tied. We aren’t going to deal with this again. /MMB

    • I know. I’m sure she does feel bad, and honestly she doesn’t get a penny out of the process now so it’s not like she would benefit in any way. Her profile stated that she had three kids and she and her husband were very done with their own family, so I have to believe that was her intention. I will just assume she ovulated while taking the pill regularly and the pill just didn’t work for her. Who knows?! It’s just the irony of it that kills me. /MMB

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