And I’m Pregnant. Take 8.



Life is just so f’ing funny, isn’t it?

I was on birth control. Haven’t had a period in months. Had a hysterectomy scheduled in Dec (6 weeks from yesterday).  Had sex one time in three months and BAM! I’m pregnant for the 8th time.

Of course, beta numbers look great (like that has made a difference in the past).  I really didn’t want to have another miscarriage.


6 thoughts on “And I’m Pregnant. Take 8.

  1. I’ve missed you. And I’m glad you’re writing again, whatever the reason. I know that it is impossible to have hope again after all you have been through. But have hope I shall! I will be thinking of you and your little one as you cautiously tread these next days, weeks, and months. I hope the ending is the one you’ve been longing for, and not the one you fear.

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