Still going

Baby A: HB of 175 measuring 8w3d

Baby B: HB of 170 measuring 8w2d

Based on the last two measurements (and my lack of any reliable LMP), we are going to say I’m 8w2d.

So after the good ultrasound we dove into the lovely topic of how little doctors know. My OB really can’t tell me anything about what to expect with having scar tissue in my uterus before this conception. She thinks my SCH is relatively small and nothing to worry about, but then she corrected and said with my history we’ll just keep watching and hoping.

I ran into the other OB as I was leaving my appointment- this OB was the one who did the D&C after we discovered that my little girls heart had stopped. She said ‘congrats’ which was nice. Im sure I’ll have to see her again in the course of this pregnancy (my OB office has several OBs and You have to see them all). I don’t blame her necessarily for performing the D&C that caused scar tissue. I do blame her for not honestly representing the risks based on my history (3 D&Cs) and the late gestation (a D&C at 16 weeks is far more risky than one at 7w). I really feel the need to tell her that I wish she had provided better informed consent.

My husband is out of the country for the next two weeks. And my birthday is this week. He is happy that this pregnancy seems be doing ok and oblivious to the fact that we are anything other than ok.


4 thoughts on “Still going

  1. Those heart rates sound great! I know how stressful it can be. My RE thought I was mental– I was SO freaked out at each early ultrasound. He just kept saying “all is well right now, we can only wait and see, worrying won’t change the outcome.” Not the most reassuring thing, but the truth. Hoping the next few weeks go by quickly for you. Those babies grow stronger every day.

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