Glass is half full

Well, it was my weekly ultrasound/OB visit.

Half- Full: Babies are still looking good and are measuring 9w4d. They are at that cute gummy bear stage and they are wiggling around a lot. Their heart rates were 146 and 150, which is quite a bit slowed from last week. I guess that’s normal from what I read but it still freaks me out just enough that they are just going to keep slowing till they stop like Abby.

Now for the Half-Empty: my BP is high enough that my OB wants me to start medication already. This is not good news. I have a lot of white coat hypertension especially when going in to my OBs office for an ultrasound, but I think this is different. I knew with being on the prednisone that it could elevate my BP. And being overweight doesn’t help any. Hopefully the medication helps. I hate taking yet another drug. Ugh.

Then there’s the confusing issue- when does a high risk patient with twins see a MFM? My OB said there was no point until a level 2 ultrasound at 18-20 weeks. I see lots of Internet stories of seeing them sooner. Guess I need to do more googling. It’s just really tough to let my mind go that far ahead.