So it’s Friday the 13th. Not sure if I’m the superstitious type or not.

Of course that may change as of this morning. I woke up to race to the bathroom thinking I just had to pee. But no, I was gushing blood. Bright red blood. I also left a lovely trail from my bed to the bathroom.

So I was not expecting this- the ultrasound on Monday had showed the SCH pretty much gone. So was this fresh bleeding?  And it was very thin like red blood mixed with fluid. I worried that we were losing the sac for one baby.

So it was off to the OB this afternoon. My husband came along as I think he was more freaked out than I was. He doesn’t like the sight of blood and I think the mess in our room this morning really got to him.

Babies are good once again and there is no evidence of anymore SCH. Go figure.

10 weeks down. Hopefully 26 more to go.


5 thoughts on “Superstitious

  1. How scary! I had unexplained bleeding from 13-16 weeks. I thought it was never going to stop. It’s crazy how the sight of blood will send your heart down to the bottom of your shoes, though. It’s much easier to be rational about OTHER PEOPLE’S pregnancies. Right now, for instance, baby boy is not moving as much as he did a few days ago. And my back hurt yesterday. Both perfectly normal…and yet I’m googling and chugging water and worried about preterm labor. I’m not saying that blood is “normal,” because it’s terrifying. I AM saying that I understand your fear, and that I’m hoping right along with you that babies remain safe, snug, and growing for the next 26 weeks. Sending love.

  2. I’m so sorry you had to go through that 😦 So scary. But thank goodness you and the babies are doing well! I guess Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day after all. Thinking positive thoughts for your remaining 26 weeks.

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