TTC Timeline

TTC timeline:

August 2009– Missed miscarriage at 7.5w.  D&C

January 2010– Blighted ovum at 9w. D&C

April 2010– Blighted ovum at 7.5w.  Medical management

April 2010– Ruptured endometrial cyst, stage 3 endometriosis

May 2010-July 2010– RPL testing and saw the big wig specialist Dr. S. in Chicago

December 2010– Pregnant with my sticky baby, Delivered Sweetie in 2011, full term and healthy, EBF for 13 months

July 2012– Abnormal sac, medical miscarriage

IVF #1 with PGS- Nov 2012– 6 blasts (two normal), 1 transferred and 1 frozen.  Low betas and small sac.  Stopped progesterone and naturally miscarried

IVF #2 with PGS- Feb 2013– 6 blasts (5 normal), 1 transferred plus frozen from last cycle.  Twin sacs at 5.5w, one perfect heartbeat at 7w, perfect u/s every week until the 2nd trimester.  Lost my little girl at 16w, no heartbeat.  D&C

Broken heart….what’s next?


4 thoughts on “TTC Timeline

    • Thank you- we are hoping surrogacy eventually brings us home another baby. I was on baby aspirin for pregnancies 3-7 (successful one with my Sweetie and then two more first trimester losses and then my second trimester loss). I have never tested positive for any blood clotting issues, and ultrasounds of my uterine blood flow always came back positive, so my doctors at the time said I didn’t need any additional blood thinners. If I were able to try again, my OB said she would put me on prophylactic lovenox, but that she was just doing it to try to cover all the bases. :-/ /MMB

  1. You’re on my mind friend. Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and please feel free to email me if you need someone to talk to, vent, commiserate, anything. I always appreciated your comments on my blog when I was low. Take care of yourself.

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