Some positive news (for once?!)

Hi to anyone from ICLW!  If this is your first time reading, you get the rare post that seems to have some positive news!

So, after the devastating news from our clinic that our last surrogate was already pregnant, the agency jumped on things and we spoke to a new surrogate yesterday (ok, even I’ll say a little ‘yay’ for my freaking awful agency for FINALLY prioritizing us and trying to provide good service).  This new surrogate has had one failed transfer with her last Intended Parents and they aren’t able to cycle again, so we are able to jump in more quickly.  She has been screened already and best yet… she’s had her tubes tied!!  Whew!

So we are moving forward with her and will get to work on contracts.

On a personal level, she seems slightly more business-like.  This may or may not be a good thing, but I’ll take it as a positive for now.  We just need someone we can trust to carry our baby, I’m not looking for a lifelong BFF.

And, if things go well I have a surgical consult this FRIDAY regarding removing this awful, painful, useless uterus of mine.  I’m still cycle-free since the last horrible hysteroscopy because I can’t bring myself to take more birth control right now.  (and no, I’m not pregnant, I of course had to pee on a stick-  that will hopefully be the last one EVER where I psych myself out with the pee sticks.)