Messed up body

So….I still haven’t started a period and tomorrow marks 7 weeks since the D&C.  Seriously?  It’s bad enough that my body can’t keep a pregnancy going.  Can’t my body at least get back to ‘normal’ a little quicker?  Before we ever started trying to have a baby, I used to be so regular.  I don’t think I appreciated that as much then as I should have.

I never had a positive body image growing up.  I have always been overweight and it just wasn’t a priority to exercise.  I like my chocolate and ice cream and cheese pizza far too much.  Food is a big time comfort for me.   So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m about 65 pounds heavier now after 7 pregnancies (1 baby) than I was when I started trying to conceive.  I’ve managed to avoid any major depression (till now after miscarriage #6), but the depression eating has so massively packed on the pounds.  That and two IVF cycles and many many more cycles while on progesterone, steroids and other fun medications that make you hungry and bloated.  Oh, and I wasn’t supposed to exercise at all during the last two pregnancies (per Expert #2) because exercise could increase inflammation.  I want to wear a shirt around explaining this so maybe people would understand rather than just see me as a disgustingly fat person.

If only it were that easy to just tell people where you’re coming from.