Friday nights

What do you do on a Friday night when you’re no longer pregnant and you have no friends left to hang out with when your kiddo goes to bed?

Mine will involve wine.  Probably lots of it.  Enough to forget that it has now been 9 weeks since I heard my baby’s heart beating beneath mine for the last time.

Red wine and Pirate’s Booty.  What is it with me and Pirate’s Booty? I swear it’s dusted with something drug-like and addictive.  I’m buying it by the case off of Amazon.  And the aged cheddar variety goes quite well with wine, I’m sure any great sommelier would agree.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party for one of Sweetie’s friends.  I’m thankful that’s the only time I have to go out in public all weekend.  And then on Monday Sweetie and I head off on a little adventure (because I couldn’t stand to sit home while my husband traveled out of the country for weeks on end).  Not sure how often I’ll be posting as I’m not taking my computer.

PS: Provera still not working… Sigh.